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Lorna's Story

Here at Lorna’s Italian Kitchen we pride ourselves with classic homemade Italian food, where quality and service have been tried and true for over 30 years.

Quality and service, 

a family tradition 

Ethan Stern, son of Lorna's owner Steven Stern, shares the story of his family.

Lorna’s Italian Kitchen was opened in 1988 by a humble hardworking Chef from Southern California and his wife at the time, Lorna. It was right here in this little University City shopping center where their big dreams developed into even larger realities.

​My mom, Lorna, for the first five years, ran the front of the house and quickly became the face of the operation. She still comes by from time to time to eat her favorite meal, Veal Marsala and Vegetables Primavera.


​At this time my Dad, Steve, was working
away in his tiny one stove kitchen, making too much food in not enough space. 


​As time went on, the kids got a little bigger and Lorna’s got a lot busier. In 1993, Steve expanded the store into what it is today. Today customers “usually” don’t have to wait outside very long to get a table. 


Lorna’s gained a second kitchen,  second dining room, Steve remarried and grew his family and his business doubled.


By 1997, my second mom, Joy, had become the face of Lorna’s and customers are always happy to come in and be greeted by a smiling face. Together Joy and Steve, worked hard, kept loyal customers happy, and built a positive environment for their valued employees.

​Lorna’s never changed things too much, so that when you are craving a hearty lasagne, it is the same as it was back in 1988.

​Today Lorna’s is just as much of a family business as it was 31 years ago. Arturo, our chef, has been with Lorna’s for over twenty years, and our sous chef Nico, who works right beside Arturo, is his son. Marcelino, Oran, and Salvador, the waiters that served our customers twenty years ago, are the same friendly gentlemen that will be serving you today.


​We take pride in everything we do at Lorna’s. From our dependable customer service, to our food, where we know quality and consistency is everything, Lorna’s continues to be much more than your local hole in the wall. Here I am, doing my part to welcome you to our restaurant, our family, and our tradition.


​We hope to see you soon to enjoy a delicious home cooked meal, always, and for the next 30 years to come.

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