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It is so easy....Just give us a call.


There are many reasons to order from Lorna's Italian Kitchen. You pick-up or we'll take it to your home or office.

  • Family get-together

  • Office meeting or employee party

  • Hosting a party to watch football

  • Boxing viewing party

  • Holiday celebration

  • Too tired to cook or too lazy to do the dishes

We are just a phone call away to have one of our awesome pizzas or any of our delicious items delivered to you, right to your door step.

Take a look at our catering menu if you are planning a large party. Catering is available for pick-up or delivery.

Backyard Football
Football Stadium
The Goalkeeper
Boxers on the Ring
Firework Display
Fireworks Shows
Outdoor Family Day
Girls' Night Out
Friends with Santa Hats
Halloween Pumpkin
Family Christmas Tree
Audience and Lecturer
In a Meeting
Conference Event
Team Meeting
Audiovisual Conference
Working Together
Business People Applauding

Lorna's Italian Kitchen and Catering

Phone: 858-452-0661

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